35 Summer Dessert Recipes (2024)

Our recipes for summer sweets offer ideas for ice cream desserts, pies, summer-inspired cakes, fruity bar cookies, shortcakes and more.

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Ice Cream Sandwiches

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (1)

These ice cream sandwiches will take you back to hot summer days as a kid. Use a light touch when you assemble them, as the rich cookies are fragile.

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Eton Mess

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (2)

Summer desserts should be no-bake, no-cook and no-fuss. So here's a classic British dessert for your Midwest summer: a simple strawberry dessert that's a mishmash of berries, whipped cream and meringues.

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Cherry Clafouti

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (3)

Clafouti is a simple French dessert created with fruit covered with a not-too-sweet, custard-like batter.

Top Cherry Recipes

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Peach Upside-Down Cake

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (4)

The family behind Illinois' Rendleman Orchards has amassed some great peach recipes in more than a century of growing peaches. This cake is no exception. Peach slices and brown sugar form a moist base for the tender, square cake—and when flipped over, that base becomes the topping.

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Summer Cobbler

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (5)

Michigan chef Abra Berens, author of Pulp, says this pick-a-fruit summer dessert tastes great with a dollop of sour cream. We totally agree.

Easy Cobbler and Crisp Recipes

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Mojito Bars

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (6)

Jacob Van Patten pours a refreshing summer co*cktail into his creative take on lemon bars, which took the overall blue ribbon at the Iowa State Fair.

Our Best Bar Cookies

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Hot Fudge Sauce

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (7)

Chocolate cravings have met their match: In 15 minutes, you can melt six ingredients into the thickest, gooiest ice cream topping.

Irresistible Ice Cream Recipes

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Cherry Brownies a la Mode

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (8)

Traverse City's famous tart cherries get double billing in this sundae—baked in the brownies and spooned on top. But there's another local fruit hiding here. Traverse City Chef Adam Raupp adds a little Riesling to the sauce.

Rich, Moist Brownie Recipes

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S'Mores Squares

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (9)

These bars are a grown-up spin on a campfire classic: buttery graham cracker crust, chocolate mousse, toasty meringue.

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Angel Food Cake with Strawberries and Elderflower Cream

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (10)

To "bring the smell of the field" into this dessert, chef Michigan chef James Bloomfield infuses whipping cream with fresh elderflowers. Get the same effect with a splash of St-Germain.

Ultimate Cake Recipes

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Choose-a-Fruit Fools

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (11)

No one knows how fools (a centuries-old blend of whipped cream and fruit) got their playful name. Maybe it's because, with just 4 ingredients, you'd be foolish not to make one!

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Kiwi Summer Limeade Pie

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (12)

Refreshing and creamy, this make-ahead pie from Susan Meier of Omaha combines tropical flavors with macadamia nuts and kiwifruit.

Pie Recipes Perfect for Summer

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Strawberry "Cool Brûlée"

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (13)

This deceptively good, weeknight-easy dessert has a topping of yogurt and whipped cream with raw sugar that looks like creme brulee, but requires no cooking.

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Earl Grey Strawberry Shortcakes

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (14)

Tea leaves speckle the shortcakes and infuse the whipped cream, giving this favorite summertime dessert a pinkies-up twist.

Throw a Strawberry Party With These Fresh, Fruit-Forward Recipes

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Gooey Butter Bars

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (15)

Traditionalists may grumble, but we think topping St. Louis-style gooey butter bars with fresh berries is a stroke of midsummer genius.

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Baby Citrus Cheesecakes

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (16)

These cupcake-size treats are a fantastically simple alternative to a full-size cheesecake. You could also garnish them with fresh raspberries or blueberries.

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Pint-Size Grasshopper Icebox Cake

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (17)

A fluffy, summery, make-ahead 6-inch dessert with just four ingredients? Sold.

6 Mini Cake Recipes

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Peaches and Cream Tart

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (18)

Rather than hide gorgeous, peak-season peaches under a piecrust, line them up in sunny formation on an easy base of purchased puff pastry and sweetened cream cheese.

Our Best Sweet-and-Juicy Peach Recipes

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Butterscotch Brickle Pudding Pops

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (19)

Chopped pecans and toffee bits add delightful crunch to creamy pudding pops. If you don't have plastic freezer-pop molds, use 5-ounce paper cups.

Easy Icy Treats

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S'more Pie a la Marshmallow Crème

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (20)

Cream cheese brings body and richness to so-chocolatey mousse filling. More wow comes from the blend of marshmallow crème and crème de cacao draped over the top.

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Pink Lemonade Strawberry Shortcake

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (21)

Pink lemonade concentrate gives a summery twist to classic strawberry shortcake.

10 Delicious Shortcake Recipes

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Peanut Butter Oatmeal Biggies

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (22)

Our chewy, saucer-size cookie is delicious by itself, but for a warm-weather treat, it makes generous ice cream sandwiches when filled with tiny scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

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Mini Peach Melba Ice Cream Cake

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (23)

Crystallized ginger adds unexpected zip to frosty peaches, raspberries and ice cream.

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Pina Colada Cupcakes

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (24)

co*cktail meets cupcake with the tropical marriage of pineapple preserves, crunchy macaroon bits and toasted coconut. We bet you won't even miss the rum.

Delicious Cupcake Recipes

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Summer Breeze Lime Pie

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (25)

A triple dose of lime-zest, juice and curd-gives this dreamy pie its refreshing flavor. The pretzel crust adds unexpected salty punch.

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Raspberry Swirl Angel Food Cake

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (26)

A subtle swirl of fresh raspberries infuses this homemade angel food cake with light fruit flavor. Like all angel food cakes, it has no fat or cholesterol.

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Tropical Ambrosia Shortcake

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (27)

Classic shortcake meets church-basem*nt standard ambrosia salad in this surprising and crowd-pleasing dessert that's packed with tropical fruit flavor.

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Peanut Butter-Fudge Pie

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (28)

Vanilla ice cream, gooey fudge sauce and peanuts sit on a chewy rice-cereal crust. Trust us, it's out of this world-perfect for potlucks or family dinners.

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Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Sundaes

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (29)

Quickly warm pineapple in butter and brown sugar, then spoon the softened fruit over crumbled pound cake and dulce de leche ice cream.

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S'Mores Squares

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (30)

These bars are a grown-up spin on a campfire classic: buttery graham cracker crust, chocolate mousse, toasty meringue.

Decadent Chocolate Dessert Recipes

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Raspberry Cheesecake Bars

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (31)

Layers of cheesecake, raspberry filling, almonds and coconut form dessert bars perfect for summer picnics and potlucks.

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Blueberry Almond Bars

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (32)

At the Marshall County Fair's annual Blueberry Bake-A-Rama in Plymouth, Indiana, Lori Van Der Weele took home the Grand Champion award with this recipe that combines blueberries, butter, white baking pieces and almonds.

Blueberry Recipes You'll Love

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Root Beer Float Ice Cream Sandwiches

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (33)

Stirring crushed root beer barrels into sugar-cookie dough adds irresistible sparkle and spot-on float flavor—especially when you add scoops of vanilla ice cream between two cooled cookies.

Irresistible Desserts Inspired by Soda Shop Flavors

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Lemon-Cream Cheese Pie

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (34)

This creamy lemon pie, a longtime reader-favorite recipe, is a signature dessert at Al's Oasis, a family restaurant along the east bank of the Missouri River in Chamberlain, South Dakota.

Make Your Best Pie Ever

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Creamy Peach Yogurt Pie

35 Summer Dessert Recipes (35)

Juicy peach slices mix with peach jam to make an ultra-easy topping for this no-bake yogurt pie.

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35 Summer Dessert Recipes (2024)


What dessert does well in the heat? ›

These refreshing desserts are perfect for the lingering summer heat.
  • 1Raspberry jelly. ...
  • 2Frozen raspberry marble yoghurt bites. ...
  • 3Mini neapolitan ice-pops. ...
  • 4Chocolate & mint cheesecake. ...
  • 5Frosé ice blocks. ...
  • 6Ginger and coconut ice-cream. ...
  • 7Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake. ...
  • 8Yoghurt papaya pops.

What desserts don't go bad in heat? ›

Fruit bars

For a tasty and healthy dessert that doesn't require refrigeration, try fruit bars. They're simple to make — one of Palmer's recipes, for example, calls for pressing a mixture of fresh, dried or frozen fruits with whole-grain cereal, nuts, oats, honey and nut butter into a baking dish.

What is the world's most loved dessert? ›

  • Mar 31, 2023, 08:13 PM IST. 10 Most Popular Desserts in the World. ...
  • Apple Pie. This traditional American dessert is popular due to its flaky crust and sweet apple filling. ...
  • Tiramisu. ...
  • Baklava. ...
  • Crème Brûlée. ...
  • Panna Cotta. ...
  • Cheesecake. ...
  • Mochi.
Mar 31, 2023

What is the hardest dessert to make at home? ›

  • Jun 14, 2023, 10:53 PM IST. 7 Most Difficult Yet Impressive Desserts To Make. ...
  • Baklava. Phyllo dough demands time to work with. ...
  • Chocolate Soufflé Desserts like chocolate soufflé are known to be challenging. ...
  • Clafoutis. ...
  • Crème Brûlée. ...
  • Fried Ice Cream. ...
  • Macarons. ...
  • Lemon Meringue Pie.
Jun 14, 2023

What is the coolest dessert in the world? ›

Here are the top 15 desserts in the world to indulge in as you cross the globe.
  • Pavlova, Australia and New Zealand. ...
  • Qatayef, Middle East. ...
  • 10. Japanese cheesecake, Japan. ...
  • Tiramisù, Italy. ...
  • Polvorones, Mexico and Central America. ...
  • Nanaimo bars, Canada. ...
  • Knafeh, Levant. ...
  • Sticky toffee pudding, United Kingdom.

What food is best in hot weather? ›

Instead, experts recommend eating lighter meals more frequently throughout the day and focusing on hydrating foods that can be easier to digest, such as cucumber and watermelon. “That is going to make people have more energy and not feel as fatigued during the heat,” Sorensen said.

What to eat when it's too hot outside? ›

Sandwiches, chilled soups, salads and dips with a select few accompaniments are all winners when the mercury's off the dial, and will save your food-prepping life. I promise. I also like a platter of fresh prawns, accompanied by a spicy dipping sauce and fresh papaya salad.

What summer treats won t melt? ›

Five Amazing Desserts That Won't Melt in the Sun
  • Carrot-Cake Doughnuts. “They can hang out and not melt at all. ...
  • Red Velvet Whoopie Pies. ...
  • Peanut-Butter-Pretzel Cookies. ...
  • Lemon Bars. ...
  • Blueberry Hand Pies. ...
  • Extra: Her Simple Summer co*cktail.
May 24, 2016

What baked goods keep well at room temperature? ›

Generally speaking, refrigeration will dry out many baked goods. For simple quick breads, snack cakes, cookies and plain cakes, airtight containers at room temperature or wrapping the item in plastic wrap are the best solutions.

What is the dessert trend in 2024? ›

Top 10 Dessert Trends and Statistics for 2024
  • Dessert Boards. Dessert boards or platters combine candies, cookies, chocolates, fudge, miniature cakes, macaroons, and any small sweet treat you can imagine. ...
  • Plant Based Desserts. ...
  • Coffee and Tea Infused Desserts. ...
  • Plated Desserts. ...
  • Premium Desserts.

What is America's most famous dessert? ›

First trademarked in 1897, Jell-O began its rise in popularity with the introduction in 1904 of the prophetic slogan "America's Most Famous Dessert." Soon accompanying the slogan was the blonde Jell-O Girl, an icon of the product for almost half a century.

What is the simplest dessert? ›

The simplest dessert and one of the best are fruits because they are nutritious, appetizing, and easy to prepare and serve. Baked and soft custards vary in so many ways. Creamy, delicate, baked custards may be served in their baking cups or may be unmolded and served with fruit garnishes or with dessert sauces.

What is the most considered the simplest dessert? ›

Fruit is served as it is. Peeling or slicing is the only preparation you'll have to do. Unlike the other choices, you'll need other ingredients and some preparation steps before you can serve it. Hence, fruits are considered the simplest dessert among the choices.

What baked goods do not need refrigeration? ›

- Baked goods that do not require refrigeration, such as cakes, cookies, breads, and pastries. (No custards or cream fillings, etc.) What is a non-potentially hazardous baked item? Non-potentially hazardous foods are foods with a low water activity and low pH level that inhibit the growth of dangerous microorganisms.

How do you bake in hot weather? ›

Tips for Baking in Hot Weather
  1. Get your cookies in the oven ASAP! ...
  2. Bread Dough Proofs/Ferments Quicker. ...
  3. Keep an eye on your butter! ...
  4. Reduce liquids in your recipes when humid. ...
  5. Protect your finished product.
Jul 11, 2019

What desserts do not need to be refrigerated? ›

These easy sweet treats are portable, delicious, and require no refrigeration.
  • Picnic Bars. ...
  • Open Face Blueberry Pie: Fresh and Easiest Pie Ever. ...
  • Easy Apple Hand Pies. ...
  • Anytime Fudgy Picnic Chocolate Cake. ...
  • Blackberry Bakewell Squares. ...
  • Homemade Oreo Brownies. ...
  • Summer Apple Pie. ...
  • Melt in Your Mouth Blueberry Cake.
Jun 3, 2022


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