Indian-Spiced Tomato and Egg Casserole Recipe (2024)



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Indeed, this recipe (ta-mo-ta pur eendo) is a favorite amongst the Parsis. As Melissa wrote in the intro, the Parsis are the group of Zoroastrians that emigrated from Persia to India in the 8th century AD. I do not know if the dish dates back this far (most likely it doesn't). However, it is one of the fundamental dishes in the Parsi culinary repertoire.

This recipe is delicious, simple, and quite true-to-form. My grandmother(s) would be so gratified to read it in the Times!


If cooking on the stove top use a cast iron skillet and cover the dish once the eggs are in. They'll steam nicely without overcooking the yolks.


Spices added to oil and cooked briefly before adding any liquid "bloom" and have better, fuller flavors.


Great flavor. I poached the eggs and placed them on top of each serving. I've found in other recipes that when baking eggs on top, its difficult to get the egg white cooked without overcooking the yolks.


Canned tomatoes are far more preferable to fresh in the dead of winter. Winter tomatoes are tasteless, while good canned tomatoes are packed at the peak of freshness and taste delicious. Fresh isn't always best.


Skip the potatoes, double the spices and serve with warm naan. This was very tasty.


This was perfect! Made it ahead, added eggs and popped in the oven. The aroma wafted throughout the house, awakening everyone. Still in PJ's and bathrobes, the dinning room was filled with family and guest. They quickly devoured every morsel. It made for a nice 1st 2016 morning.


I suggest roasting the potatoes separately. Slice in half, coat in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. Toss, spread out evenly on a baking pan, roast at 400F until the edges are crispy and the potatoes are cooked through. Meanwhile, follow the rest of the recipe are suggested. Serve the tomato/egg casserole (shakshuka) over the roasted potatoes. Throw some goat cheese and fresh cilantro on top if you so desire. Pair with a blood orange mimosa and some naan.


You probably find her dishes oversalted because she uses kosher salt, so if you're not using kosher salt as well, you need to halve the salt.


Try this dish with half to one pound of cooked ground lamb (appropriately salted and spiced) and the fat drained.


Subbed three shredded zucchini (salted, drained & rinsed) for the potatoes. Stirred into the tomato sauce after it thickened; then cooked for an additional 15 minutes. Added eggs. Delicious. One pan and done on the top of the stove.


I've made this twice - this, like other casseroles, is better reheated the next day. So I bake it without the eggs having made little "wells" for the eggs - reheat the next day and add the eggs when the casserole is hot again and bake the 8-13 minutes. Was a "hit" at the Indian potluck I had with other foodie friends. If you skip the eggs- it's Vegan !


Absolutely Delicious! I made two adjustments which were doubling the spices and salting the potatoes. Dont be afraid to cook the eggs in the dish as they came out perfect. My only tip is to cook the eggs for 8 minutes and then increase the temp to 400 and cook for 3 more minutes for runny yolks. It doesnt look done but once you remove and let sit a few minutes it will continue to cook to perfection!


I nearly doubled the amount of cumin, coriander and garam masala, quite good.


Substitute rutabaga for potatoes, roast the rutabaga slices, to adapt for a Weight Watchers recipe.


This was really good, but I feel like the potatoes didn't absorb enough of the flavor from the sauce, which I would think would be the reason for cooking them together. Next time I think I'll smash the potatoes slightly, allowing the juices to get soak in there. Served with some warm pita, very hearty and warming winter dinner!

Thea D

Holy Toledo!! This is amazing!!


Flavors are too strong. Ok, will not make again


I made this today for a brunch with friends. I prepped most of it yesterday…roasted the potatoes this morning. Cooked up until the eggs on the stove top and tasted…bitter! Had faith, put the eggs in and it was spectacular. I think the coriander, I ground it fresh, gave off the bitter taste but simmering mellowed it. This is my go to for brunch.


I made the mistake of subbing the jalapeños with Serrano peppers. I agree that the spices can be increased, but the hotness level should stay the same for the most comforting, delicious version of the dish.


Made this as is and it was very tasty. I did end up overcooking the yolks just to get the whites finished. Added some goat cheese on top for some much needed tang (probably lemon juice would also help). Next time will probably just add soft boil eggs on top since the runny yolks didn't add much as is.


I prepared this as written except for using bell pepper in place of the poblano because that's what I had available. It was delicious and very manageable for a casual lunch with a friend on a busy day. I don't think I'd do anything different.


Made this today and really enjoyed it ! Next time I would use less cumin ( family member doesn't care for that spice )and use more ginger , garlic and and cinnamon . I broiled at the end briefly to cook egg whites . Threw some feta on top at the end ! Will make again.


Can you use fresh tomatoes instead of canned whole?


To be clear, saying a recipe takes one hour when the nonconcurrent waiting periods add up to 59 minutes isn't just inaccurate, its straight up dishonest.

Mark Yonkman

This was unbelievably good. I added about a quarter pound ground mild Italian sausage. We make this every month now.


Very delicious and simple to put together. I made the sauce and cooked the fingerling potatoes last night for this morning's brunch, and had to use a 10x10 baking dish, which worked well. I used halved soft-boiled eggs which in the oven cooked to a hard-boiled stage, as one guest doesn't care for soft eggs, spooning a bit of sauce over the eggs before placing in the oven. I have made other baked dishes using hard-boiled eggs, including Indian dishes, so knew it would work.


Doubled spicesRoasted potatoes in air fryer w/ 1 TBL of olive oil, 2 generous pinches of kosher salt, and a generous sprinkle of pepper and garlic powder.Next time: -ground lamb?-


Reminds me of "whole eggs in spicy tomato sauce" in Julie Sahni's "Classic Indian Cookery"-- nice touches in NYT to finish in oven, like Shakshuka, also to use fresh chiles. Julie's approach to spices: early on, add 3" cinnamon stick and cardamom pods (I prefer liberating little black seeds from the pods--grind). Soon after add 2tsp coriander, 1tsp turmeric (plus NYT 1 tsp cumin-- buzz in spice grinder). I think garam masala is usually added at very end because it sort of vanishes. DeLISH!


Double the garlic

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Indian-Spiced Tomato and Egg Casserole Recipe (2024)


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