X-Division 1.00.01 ( 1.00.11c ) (2024)

X - Division

New Dawn
V 1.00.01for0.35.0+XCE

We are in the sky

We are on the ground

We are a paramilitary organisation ...

We have the best of the best - with some personal issues here and there. Real characters as you say nowadays...

We do everything, from stealing to protecting transports, smuggleing weapons forthose who can pay for it. We destroy organisations if the price is right and provide safe routes from A to B, even through hell if it has to be...

Sometimes we also do some good guy stuff, but dont ask for it, except you can put enough money on the table ...

Our people are unhonorable discharged veterans or geniuses who dont feel quite valued in their formerorganisation. Some average guys as wellwho are attracted to the way we dothings ... but honestly they have to be a bit crazy to be hanging around those guys ... say us... ...everybodys a bit crazy here ...
We have been hired by some wealthy individuals who think we can save the earth and believe in our methods. This group has put their faith in us ... and most importantly, their money.
I guess it is time to do some good guy stuff again !

Whats my spleen ? World Domination ! Everybody ought to have a goal, no ? But if these aliens do as they please there will be nothing left to rule over.

What is yours, commander?

Welcome to X-Division !

The Team
Drages- Lead Modder andArt Manager
Charon- Code Manager
Draku- Debugger and Tester
Sfarrelly- Writer

AI Advisor andXCE Support-Kabill, Solver, Ilunak
Dedicated Testers- Phoenix1x+52, Marandor1
Support-Max_Cain, Kabill
Special Thanks-Nuclearstudent, odizzido, Xany, Squaddie Perseus, Woz2,asierus24,Blackwolf, Reactorcore, Alienkiller, Cherryco*ke, XCOMJunkie, Brandon,Maera, Trueman11
Special Thanks to Content Contributors: Max_Caine, the XNT team,Axiomatic, Pandi, Svinedrengen, Z01,

We are thanking Chris for a wonderfully modable game and all the experiencewe could make because of this

Table of Content

1. Game Overview
1.1 Game Details

2. Questions & Answers

3. Installation
3.1Latest Patch
3.3 Linux Installation Advice
3.4 Explanation for the installation technology used
3.5 Licenses and Copyright Notices

4.Known Bugs


1. Game Overview

X-Division is a complete overhauled game experience, featuringan vast amount of different enemies to capture, a new andimproved, aggressive AI,186 new weapons includingkatanas, 9 vehicles and 3 mechs and13 sets of armour.

New revised Aircraft game , craftedby mewhich builds and extendson the existing aircraft mechanic and polishes it to the extreme.New mechanic, hit and run tactics,new alien weapons and more .. so totally not what drages planned :).22 new aircrafts from which 5 are alien interceptor to recruit and24 aircraft weapons.

Enemies feauture different armor resistances, different strenght points and weaknesses. Every alien race is good and bad in and against something and you better find that out quickly before its too late, commander. Terror and base attack missions will happen frequently and will be of importance all the way to and in the end game.

Captureing aliens is immensly important in this mod as it will open up all the vital and better tech for you. Unique specialists you can only capture at terror sites, crash sites or base attacks. Special UFOs with a special goals whichcarry special units into battle. Special Officier Units for every phase of the game to capture to give you that special research boost you need.

Aliens will adapt to your style of playing with different strategies of aggressive overwhelming force.
"Every phase will have their own weapon branches. Ths branches will be mostly energy or ballistic based. Addidition to this your arsenal will make updated versions we call as MK in the mod. You will get the MK 1 versions as prototype and easy. For MK-2 versions, you will need to capture alien specialist and for MK-3 ultimate versions you will need to get specific things. Vehicle Weapons, Grenades and Explosives will have updated versions too.
Special UFOs with a special goals which carry special units into battle !UFOs with their own puposes and missions. You will see huge ufos for terror and base attacks, nearly impossible to stop at the air. You will seeshuttles and special cargo ships along others. You will see any kind of ufo nearly at every phase with their upgraded stats,weapons and crew. Near endgame, you will see the real force of the Alien menace with the all mighty dreadnought and motherships." - Drages

An detailed manufacture and disassembling system for alien weapons, grenades, UFOs. A chance based, incredible intrigues, complex research tree featuringaround 900 xpedia entries and lively maps with civilians and local forces appropriatelly equippted.
All of this over 4 balanced Phases over the game presenting a long and hard journey to menkinds destruction or, temporary,survival.
It is in your hands, commander.

1.1 Game Details

Weapons and Ground Combat



new and improved aggressive AI which will make you cry a lot, did i mention it is aggressive ?
186 xenonaut weapon
102 Alien weapon
22 xenonaut grenades
10 melee weapons (2 katanas)
18 rockets
10 explosives
many different alien grenades, rockets, shields
New sounds
new projectiles
5 shields
Ground Combat revised, now it feels like you are joining the fight instead of feeling like you are the only organisation around
Revised starting stats for recruits
9 Vehicles
3 Mechs
29 vehicle weapons
9 mech weapons
13 armors
231 different alien units with new sounds and sprites

Aircraft and Aircraft Gameplay



New revised Aircraft game which will make you cry, a lot
22 new Aircraft, 5 alien interceptor to recruit
Featureing disassembling of UFOs to get the aircraft parts
24 aircaft weapons
16 missiles
8 torpedos
Appropriate Alien UFOs and crew for all phases of the game
39 UFOs for all over 4 Phases of the game
A mothership
88 different UFO weapons, most of them are unique

Manufacture, Research, Xenopedia



around 689manufactures

a weapon disassemble system
a UFO disassemble system

979 researches
chance based researches throughout the game
the research tree is pretty complex

716 new xenopdia images
950 xpedia entries

Maps, Graphics and UI, Miscancellous



Increased Civilian and Local Forces count from +50% to +300%
There is no funding cap on any country anymore
Civilian and Locals have appropriate weapon throughout the game
Terror Maps dynamic totally revised, now it really feels like a city full of people, fighting and dieing
Props have been revised to be mostly destructable by vehicles
Revamped visuals all over the game
X-Division everywhere
Bigger Research and Workshop UI and buttons
Armor degredation set to 15%
50% of the dmg is dealt as stun dmg

2. Questions & Answers



Whats the recommendeddifficulty ?
Read the difficulty descriptions when you start a new game.

Is there a techtree avaiable ?
Yes there is. Keep in mind though its not official and thuse may contain errors.

Is the airgame necessary ? I kind of am not good at it.
Take a look at this:https://youtu.be/9eF3ssd22qM?t=3m39s
If you still dont want to try it out there is an option available in the installation which lets you play the airgame with minimal efforts. I would encourage you to try using the manual airgame nevertheless.

Is this version balanced ? What should Ilook out for ?
Every manufacture and research as well as every economic gameplay element has been implemented. However the requirement quantity has been set to the lowest level for

  • Grenades, Rockets, Melee Weapons
  • Vehicle Weapons

Things which won´t change are

  • The weapon DSB system
  • The UFO DSB system
  • The xenonaut weapon sell prices ( 1:1 )
  • UFO datacore sell prices

Please report on theseissues and give us feedback on how we can balance them.
Otherwise its pretty balanced.

Help ! I mean HELP ! Any guidance on how i should play this game ?
Here you go:

I want to help, how do i apply ?
Has been closed, as we are in the final stages of development.

3. Installation

0.The base vanilla version has to be 1.65+ .

1.To avoid complications unsubscribe to all other mods on steam, and delete your your whole mods/.. folder. Thenmake a fresh install of xenonauts.
X-Division 1.00.00is not compatible with earlier versions.

2.Install the latest XCE version.

3.If you downloaded the steam workshop support mod install it now. This is to show some support but has no other purpose than that.

3.5Start up the game at least once and exit it properly.

4.Download all 3 parts of X-Division 1.00.00 from the file section( Part 1MD5: d46af869d5435a9c425d51acd1442897, Part 2MD5: c57b4fb563ca419c9e455f0908701fe9,Part 3MD5: c8ca596b39d920e45a9a45fc71611892)

5.Deactivate your ANTIVIRUS/UAC program, it can intervene with the installation. As soon as the installation finishes you can activate it again.
Have all 3 files together and open part 1 ( = unrar the multi rar archive ). Double click the .exe file. Follow the instructions of the installer. Winrar or Peazip have been confirmed to work.

6.The advanced installation has some options to choose from, namely:

There are some optional mods you can activate/deactivate. Lets go through them one by one:

1. X-Division Easy Airgame/X-Division No Airgame

  • There are 3 ways to play the airgame, 1. Manual 2. Autoresolve 3. No Airgame . No Airgame removes the necessity to play the airgame and replaces it with a 1 click solution. With No Airgame you only have to build the latest fighters and bombers and hit autoresolve. If you quickly want to jump into the Ground Combat this is the option of your choice :). Note that this tilts the balance in the favour of the player and is not representativ of the economic balance of the game.

Recommended state:ONif you want to skip the airgame.

2. COM - Ambient Sounds/COM - Ambience Forest

  • This mods addambient sound and addthe least amount of instability to the game - it still makes the game more unstable.

Recommended State:OFFif you dont want to risk a higher instability for beautiful sounds. XCE 0.34.3 should fix the instability.

3. COM - [V1.08] Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack

  • Adds alternative soldier faces to the game. Deactivate Khall´s more Portraits if you are using this to avoid art inconsistencies

Recommended State:OFFif you dont want to play with more realistic faces.XCE 0.34.3 should fix the instability.

Checklistin case you want to change something later on:

  • You only have X-Division Workshop Support if you subscribed and installed it from the steam workshop
  • The modloader needs to be EXACTLY in the priority order the installer sets it.
  • The modloader needs exactly this active mods. The mods you can still change after the installation are No Airgame,Khalls and Jeezlies different portraits ( only one active at a time ),both Ambient sound mods ( either active forambient sounds or deactivated for more stability ) and the No Click sound( removes mouse click ).
  • You shouldn`tplay X-Division with any other mods than stated. Only cosmetic mods are allowed and only if you know exactly what you are doing. Keep in mind every savegame is unique to its mods its saved with.

7.Apply the latest available patch -3.1Latest Patchsection ^^. Every patch contains all prior changes as well.

8.Installation video by Mulligan/LeEdgyMemeKingif you need more help

3.1Latest Patch


  • X-Divison has gone the step to replace vanilla files. There has been an original file added for every replaced one in case you want to deinstall the mod. In case of doubt make a reinstall of the game or verify game integrity through steam.
  • Before applying patches withdraw all scientists and engineers from their current projects. You can reapply them afterwards.
  • You only need to download and install the latest Patch avaialble, it contains all prior fixes as well.
  • The .00 to .01 patch is savegame compatible
  • As a basic rule, never patch during Ground Combat

1.The Base for this patch has to beversion 1.00.00or higher. This update is not available for versions lower than 1.00.00 .

2.Download theX-Division 1.00.01Update from the file section(MD5: 489d03269506927ae5981dbb0de816be )

3.Deactivate your ANTIVIRUS/UAC program(s), it can intervene with the installation. As soon as the installation finishes you can activate it again.

4.Start the executable provided in the file. Follow the instruction of the installer

5.After you have used the installer there is no need to changeANYTHINGanymore, everything has been taken care of, including scripts, modloader priority, and everything else you may think of. The only time you might want to change something is if you are activating/deactivating NoAirgame or change the soldier models. Enjoy

X-Division 1.00.01 ( 1.00.11c ) (1)


For reference, this is how the modloader can look like after the installation, plus/minus optional mods on/off.

Optionally you can download the unofficial version 1.00.10 instead. The changes are listed in the file or on the main page.

You did it. Welcome onboard, Commander !

X-Division 1.00.01 ( 1.00.11c ) (2)


This mod is %98 stable.If you got any weird problems like aliens without guns, strange visual errors, game crashes, they should be about wrong install or mod loader issues. Be sure that you got X:CE, X-Division and X-Division Patch is installed and then come to our topic with your save game and we will help you.
Sincerely yours, Drages

I think i got a bug, can you help me ?
Bugs can only be reported on the forum:https://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/index.php?/topic/13414-165xce-v0350-x-division-100-beta/
If you want some help, make a bug report or think that something is not the way it is supposed to be, add a full screenshots of your whole modloader and your savegame ( geoscpae only ).

I cant get the 3 multirar files to work, any help ?
The first step to troubleshoot this on your own is to make sure your files are the correct ones. Generate your md5 sums of all 3 files and compare them to the official ones provided with every download. If they are the same, you got the correct data files. After that its just making sure all 3 files are in the same spot and open the first one with either WinRaror Peazip.

Why does the first start take so long to load ?
Thats normal. X-Division is quite a big mod so loading all of its ressources takes time.

Help ! I cant click on anything in the geoscape ! Hotkey are working though.
Make sure that everything is the way it should be and then:
Simply start up the game, go straight to new game, start a new game, load your current save, save it, exit and restart the game. This should now be fixed.

The top part of this Cruiser does not get transparent. What do i do ?
You change your view option by pressing the button right beside your inventory one. Cycle through until you find one that works lets you see inside the UFO.

3.3 Linux Installation Advice

We know that linux users love to tinker endlessly in order to get their software working, and we dont want to take that joy (and countless hours ) away from you. But if you are struggling and want to get some advice into the right direction, here it is.

  • You will have to start XCE through a windows compatability layer, WINE or Proton for instance
  • The installer might not work for you, because it expects Windows variables you dont have. Theassets.7z contains all the X-Division data you need, and you can copy and overwrite your vanilla assets folder with it.
  • You will need to manually rearrange the mod loading order. Section 3.1 should have some pictures how that should look like.
  • Find the linux equivalent of %APPDATA%/Goldhawk Interactive/Xenonauts/internal/scripts and delete the scripts folder once after step 3.5. You propably know better what i am talking about than i do, because i dont keep track of 10 different distros and how they handle stuff.

People have reported that that should lead to a working version, mostly depending on how well the windows compatability layer handles the sys calls.
You can now celebrate that you have a working game on linux :).

3.4 Explanation for the installation technology used

The 3 rar parts of the installation are called a Multivolume RAR Archive. We shall further refer to this as MRAR archive, or simply MRAR.
WinRAR Multivolume Archive

Each MRAR archive is sensitive, or can be sensitive, to the process it got created from. While the endproduct should be the same we found that unpacking the MRAR with the same tool it got created from yields the best result. In this case the tool used to create it was peazip. Therefore in case of doubt, use peazip. WinRAR has been confirmed to work as well.

Each part of an MRAR contains an "archive is finished" or "archive is not finished" flag at the end of its volume. If an unpacking tool finds such flag, it looks for the next part. The information of where the next part is, is not saved inside the current volume, because the next part could literally be on another pc, in another country, on a different continent. The unpacking tool searches its paths for the same named entity with ".partX" before the .rar specifier, where X is the current part + 1. Shall it find such entity it will repeat the same process until it finds an archive with the "archive is finished" flag. If it doesnt find the next volume it will throw an error, or worse, throw no error and assume its a standalone rar while opening a half backed archive. You start the whole process from the first archive, that is .part1.rar, and the unpacking tool will find the rest, if it can.

At the time of writing this (2.6.24) the first part has a size of 2,5gb. If you want to check whether or not your unpacking tool openend the archive correctly you can look at the total size of the archive, which should be displayed somewhere in the GUI of your tool. The total size of the archive is ~7gb. If it says so, it found all volumes of its MRAR.

All patches are distributed as standalone RARs.

All data pertaining X-Division is contained in assets.7z. It is therefore entirely possible to install X-Division without the use of the installer, as well as rehosting X-Division without including the installer. The installer only automates steps the user could take themself.

3.5 Licenses and Copyright Notices

All original copyright holders are still the original copyright holders of the creative works used in this combined work, especially including, but not limited to, Goldhawk Interactive™. All original work of the X-Division project is owned by the creative content holder of the project, at the current moment @Charon. All contributions towards X-Division implicitely issue the current creative content holder a revocable license, which allows the useage, copying, altering and distrubtion of such content, unless otherwisely stated, issued in a written form.

As it pertains to the original creative content of the X-Division project, you may:
[] rehost such content
unless otherwise stated (revocable), as long as the original authors and contributors are prominently displayed.
You are not allowed to:
[] modifiy the content and redistribute it under your own name
You are encouraged to:
[] Create your own creative content based on this project, host it and name this project as its prerequisite.
[] When such standalone creative content has proven to not cause gameplay instabilities, is useful and desired by the community you may request the integration of your content into the project by issueing a revocable license for your creative content to use, copy, alter and distribute it, as well as make yourself heard that you desire such integration.

The installer is proprietary software of the development team for which the X-Division team paid and holds a license for. Its use, copying and redistribution is allowed under the following, revocable license:

--- License Terms start

Revocable permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the “Software”), to use, copy and redistribute the Software subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


--- License Terms end

These are also known as the "Dont sue me when your PC catches on fire" terms.

4. Known Bugs ( at least until the next patch )

Units can spawn outside map tiles in base attacks -If that happens make sure you did in that mission what you wanted to do, then save and exit. Start the game with the Xenonauts_gc_editor.exe in mods/xce/... and load up your save. Press "V" to kill every non xenonaut unit. Save and exit and continue to play like normal.

5. Credits

A big thank you from the team for being such an awesome community. You made it possibly that we are able to release the final version of X-Division now.
I especially want to thank the team who made itpossible and accompanied X-Division through its various stages of development.

@SolverWho is totally not a member of the X-Divison development team. I want to thank you for giving the much needed code support and all the new and fantastic features X-Division players are capable of experiencing now. Without him the growing of the game would have already stopped when custom Terror UFOs wouldnt obey the Terror Site Intervall. He made it possible that passionate modders can do what theydo best, while silently removing obstacles from the back. In honour of your service i grant you the title of "External X-Division Teammember"

@dragesThe main developer and creator of X-Division. Without him all of this Insanity would have never started. He had the vision, made the plan and strifed to fullfill it throughout many years. It is only because of him that we can finish this game today. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

@DrakuOne of the oldest members of X-Division. He did most of the grunt and testing work during the most active development cycles. Aint no Palace without somebody to actually do the work.

@sfarrellyThe string guy. He wrotemost of the research preview entries. If you know what you are going to research than it is totally because of him.

@Phoenix1x+52For doing the total insane hercules task of playing through the game from A to Z. He tested everything from the working things to the not so working things and recorded everyhing for sake of me examinating every pixel in the recordings. That X-Division is in such a bug-free and balanced state is mainly because of his work epic. He has been supporting X-Division through all its stages ( hm, installer ) and has been a loyal friend to the end. Many Kudos to you.

@Maerafor giving moral support and a lot of enthusiams for new maps.

@Marandor1The second tester in command. He tried his hardest to convince me to make the game more fun than me tryingto make it challenging. You can judge for yourself if he succeeded.

@SvinedrengenFor making some good maps.

and ofcourse ...
@community for all the advice, suggestions, support and love that you gave for the game. Without you the journey wouldnt have been worthwhile. You created, enriched and made the game into whatit is today. Thank you for being there on this journey. I will see you in the game

X-Division 1.00.01 ( 1.00.11c ) (3)


Thank you for everybody who i didnt mention but was still part of this journey.
A big thanks to@Chrisfor making Xenonauts.

Enjoy !

X-Division 1.00.01 ( 1.00.11c ) (2024)


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