SHEIN contact: how to reach customer service (+3 tips) (2024)

Do you wish to contact SHEIN customer service for a complaint or question, to name but one? It can be quite hard to figure out where to go. Therefore, you can find a clear overview of all the SHEIN contact possibilities on this page!

SHEIN contact: an introduction

SHEIN is a very popular webshop with a wide range of cheap, trendy clothing. The range is suitable for men, women and children and is updated daily.

Many people order large quantities of clothes at a time. It can therefore happen that a piece of clothing does not fit, or that something went wrong with the order. In that case, you can contact the SHEIN customer service and look for solutions.

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There are several ways to reach SHEIN. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get in touch with a real person; for example, no SHEIN phone number exists.

However, there are several other options that will serve you well. We list them for you below.

1. Live chat

SHEIN offers a fully automated chatbot to its customers that answers almost all common questions.

You can get information on topics such as returns and tracking your order, but you can also go there to find product information or tips on choosing the right size.

SHEIN contact: how to reach customer service (+3 tips) (1)

The chatbot is very extensive, so chances are that your question will be answered quickly. There exists a tutorial video about the chatbot which gives a clear explanation, in order for you to easily understand what is going to happen and get help faster. Click here to go to the chatbot.

2. Social media

It is also possible to ask your question via social media. The clothing company is active on Facebook as well as on Twitter, and on both platforms you can ask questions.

On Facebook Messenger as well as in the Twitter DMs, you get a similar chatbot to the one on SHEIN’s website. This chatbot is well optimized and can help you with a lot of questions.

When you leave questions in a comment or tweet, you are asked to send a private message. So even on social media, you won’t get a personal response to your questions. Here too you get in touch with a kind of chatbot.

On Facebook, there is once again a chatbot that answers your questions. This chatbot works very fast, within seconds we already got answers to all our questions. The same chatbot is active in the DMs of SHEIN’s Twitter.

When you ask your question in a tweet to SHEIN, you will be redirected to the DMs again.

Basically, it makes no difference whether you contact them via Facebook, Twitter or the Chatbot. In each case, you won’t get personal contact, but you will be helped very quickly.

3. E-mail support

If you can’t figure your issue out using a chatbot or via social media, your best option is to reach out to the company via email. The email address for this is [emailprotected].

Please note that this email address is available to all customers from all 220 countries in which the business operates. Therefore, it may take a little while to get a reply.

The company indicates that they have a professional customer service team in the following languages: English, French, German, Russian and Arabic. So it is only possible to get SHEIN mail contact in these languages.

Not reachable by phone

A notable feature of the webshop is that you cannot contact SHEIN by phone. This makes it a bit more difficult to reach SHEIN. Calling SHEIN is probably not possible because of the costs involved.

The webshop operates in no less than 220 countries and has a huge number of customers every day. A telephone customer service for all these countries would, of course, involve a lot of money.

These costs could then be passed on to the prices of the clothes, but then SHEIN would lose its name recognition for cheap prices.

Making a complaint to SHEIN

Do you have a complaint about, for example the webshop, because your package was not delivered or you are not helped by the customer service?

SHEIN does not offer the possibility to file a complaint on its website. This makes it very hard to share your negative experiences and to find a solution.

In case of complaints, we recommend to send an email to SHEIN’s email support, as this is where you have the greatest chance to receive a clear and personal reply.

There are also organizations outside SHEIN where you can file your complaint. These are often forums with experiences and complaints about all kinds of different companies, which are meant to protect the consumer. However, it is not clear whether anything is actually done with these collected complaints.

SHEIN is originally from the US, but the production of the clothes takes place in Asia. Therefore, it is not clear exactly which rules apply regarding webshops.

SHEIN contact and return

If you wish to return an order, you can do so via the website. But, please note that the address of the sender of your package, is not the same as the return address. And this return address is not easily found on the website. You will need to register your order as a return before you are given the correct return address.

You can read everything else you need to know about returns at SHEIN below.

3 tips for contacting SHEIN:

  1. Be as clear as possible. Describe in simple but clear language what the problem is so that you get help as soon as possible.
  2. Be sure to mention your order number in the email. That way, the staff immediately knows which order you are talking about and can check your problem. Subsequently, there is no need to send additional emails back and forth to ask about the order number. You’ll see that you’ll be helped faster.
  3. Pay by credit card. Online you can read several experiences of people who never received an order from the webshop. If you pay by credit card, you can use the purchase insurance of your credit card company. This means that you will get your money back if you do not receive your order. In case you pay with iDeal, you are unable to claim this security.

Frequently asked questions about the SHEIN contact

How can you contact SHEIN?

The easiest way to get your questions answered is to use the chat on the website. Here you can make several choices that will tell you more and more about your question.

The chat is suitable for questions on all kinds of topics such as returns, product offerings or tracking your package.

If you can’t solve your problem through the chat, you can send an e-mail to [emailprotected]. Note that this e-mail address is available for customers from all 220 countries in which SHEIN operates, so it may take a while before you receive a reply.

What phone number can I call to reach SHEIN?

The company does not offer a phone customer service, so there is no SHEIN contact number available. Read above for other ways to still get in touch with the webshop and get your questions answered.

Are you helped in your native language at SHEIN?

It is possible to be helped in your own language via the chatbot or the email support. Languages supported by the website and email support are English, Dutch, Arabic, French, German and Russian.

Can you make a complaint about the webshop?

The web shop does not provide a way to file a complaint. However, you have the option to e-mail your complaint to the company’s e-mail support. To do so, simply use the following email address: [emailprotected].

Is SHEIN’s chat a real person or a robot?

SHEIN contact via chat is an automated robot. However, the chat is very conveniently organized and well optimized, so you can find what you are looking for very easily!

SHEIN contact: how to reach customer service (+3 tips) (2024)


How do I reach out to Shein? ›

Unlike most retailers, you can't contact Shein by phone or email for customer service inquiries. The company only offers support via live chat, their online ticketing system, and Facebook messenger.

How do I contact Shein if I didn't receive my order? ›

Start by visiting SHEIN support here within 45 days of your expected order date. From here, you'll be connected to a customer service chat bot that will either connect you to a customer service rep or let you submit a ticket.

Does Shein have a US office? ›

Fast fashion giant Shein is growing its US presence with a new office in Seattle that will serve as a hub for its fulfilment and logistics processes and speed up its delivery times to consumers.

Why won't Shein accept my phone number? ›

The main reasons SHEIN might not accept your phone number could be due to a format issue, a typo, or regional restrictions. Yes, it's often as simple as that! First, double-check your number. A single typo can throw everything off.

What is SHEIN's Customer Service number? ›

We will remain vigilant as we complete the investigation and implement new safeguards to prevent any future breaches. For more information regarding the investigation and the actions SHEIN is taking to protect customer information, please refer to our FAQ at or contact us at 844-802-2500.

Does SHEIN respond to emails? ›

Unfortunately, Shein doesn't have a customer service number or email. Instead, they offer support via live chat, their online ticketing system, and Facebook Messenger.

How to dispute a charge on Shein? ›

We are available by email at to address any concerns you may have regarding your use of the Services. Most concerns may be quickly resolved in this manner.

Does Shein refund money? ›

For products that are returned in accordance with this Return Policy and pass our quality check, refunds will be processed within 7 business days after we receive your return package. The refund will be issued to the original payment method or your SHEIN Wallet, as per your request.

Who is the owner of SHEIN? ›

Shein, Global Fashion Manufacturer, Will Go Public In 2024

The company is currently owned by Sky Xu, also known as Chris Xu in the International English media.

Where in the USA is SHEIN located? ›

Founded in 2012, SHEIN has nearly 10,000 employees operating from offices around the world, with U.S. Headquarters located in Los Angeles and Global Headquarters located in Singapore. In SHEIN, we work with outstanding, creative, and capable peers.

Where is SHEIN headquarters address? ›

SHEIN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is SHEIN's headquarters? SHEIN's headquarters is located at 12 Marina Boulevard, Singapore.

Why do people not support Shein? ›

Shein has been criticized for its lack of transparency regarding its manufacturing processes. Without this information, it's difficult to determine if workers are being treated fairly or if sustainable practices are being used.

Why do some people not support Shein anymore? ›

Environmental impact: Fast fashion has a significant negative impact on the environment. Shein's production practices are not transparent, making it difficult to assess their environmental impact. Ethical concerns: There have been allegations of Shein using child labor and unsafe working conditions in their factories.

Why does it say my number is not valid? ›

The mobile number is not in the correct international format, it was too long/short, or it was entered incorrectly. The customer may have also opted out from receiving text messages.

What happened to Shein's live chat? ›

Quick Answer: High Traffic or Technical Issues

One major reason why Shein's live chat might not be working is because of high traffic. Imagine thousands of fashion lovers, just like you, shopping at the same time. This can cause a bit of a logjam, making it tough for live chat to keep up.

How to get a refund from Shein? ›

  1. Sign into your SHEIN User Account.
  2. Go to " My Orders " and find the order that contains the item(s) you would like to return and click "Order Details".
  3. Then click the "Return Item" button, select the item(s) you would like to return, indicate the reason, and click "Next Step." ...
  4. Select the "Refund Method."

How long does Shein take to get to you? ›

Shein United States: Estimated Delivery Time

These include the (1) Standard Shipping and (2) Express Shipping options. Selecting Standard Shipping will allow you to receive your package within 10 days. But if you choose the Express Shipping method, you can get your parcel earlier, usually less than 7 days.


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